Multidisciplinary Artist

Drawing inspiration from the depths of her soul and experiences, LaAerial calls herself a Purveyor of All Things Creative. Her multidisciplinary work dances across music, poetry, audio-visuals, and prose. She is a scholar holding three distinguished degrees in creative fields and has a body of work that stretches back to the 2000's.


Her career has included touring as a supporting vocalist and morphed into performance residencies in Asia. She has since found her voice as an independent creative. LaAerial is passionate about writing, lyricism, and visual art as an extension of musical expression.


She has independently produced/composed four music projects to date and is a fan of concept albums. Her fifth release: 'Some Come to Destroy' will explore a range of topics, including addiction, colonization, and heartache. In addition to these works,


LaAerial has self-published two books of poetry and is working on a memoir based on her life and travels.